Prelude to C: Resources


This is the last “prelude to C” post. In the next post we’ll get into it.

I wanted to share a list of resources for C programming. When I’m learning something I like to have multiple resources. Personally, I think it’s helpful to have people explain things in different ways.

K&R Ansi C

Some consider this to be The Bible for C. You can buy the book via the link above. Also, you can search for PDFs on the internet. They’re out there, but I’m not going to link to them for copyright reasons.

Landon Curt Noll

A collection of articles and notes on being a good C programmer.

Alan Webster

Alan is the creator of 4coder and he works at Rad Game Tools (Epic Games). His videos are kind of an answer to, “How would I build production software with C?”.

Intro to C on Windows

Casey Muratori (Handmade Hero) goes through an Intro to C on Windows. He shows you how to set everything up - among other things - so if you’re on Windows definitely check it out.

Jacob Sorber

Jacob is a profess or computer science at Clemson. His channel covers C programming, computer science, and other computing concepts.

Practice? We talkin’ about practice, man! (Codeforces)

Codeforces is a competitive programming website. You don’t have to care about CP to use the problemsets for practice.

C specification

If you have questions about C, read the specification. The link above is to - if I’m not mistaken - a version of the C99 specification (if you didn’t know, there are multiple versions of C). If you want a spec for a different version of C look for it on Google.

That’s it

I tried to keep the list short. The purpose isn’t to rathole on the internet. It’s to - hopefully - provide a short list of resources to augment learning.